Robert Irwin’s Melbourne Fashion Festival Outfit Turns Heads with a Small Detail: ‘So Typical of Him’

Robert Irwin made his runway debut at the Melbourne Fashion Festival, sparking online buzz for an unexpected reason. The 20-year-old zookeeper and TV personality shared a video on TikTok recording his co-host, Julia Morris, from a flip case, leading social media users to rave about his choice of phone cover.

Comments poured in, with one fan noting how “mum” his choice was, while another praised flip cases for their screen protection capabilities. Others gushed about his cuteness and positive energy, likening him to a golden retriever.

During the Suit Up Runway show, Robert ditched his khaki uniform for a range of stylish menswear looks from designers like Bagnato, MJ Bale, and Godwin Charli. The event, attended by personalities like Masterchef Australia’s Khanh Ong and The Bachelor’s Matt Agnew, showcased how Australian designers have reinvented the suit in various forms, colors, fibers, and patterns.

Next up for Robert is a hosting gig on the 2024 season of I’m A Celebrity alongside Julia Morris. His playful runway display and fashion choices have certainly made him a standout in both the wildlife and fashion worlds.