Support for Ethereum Network Upgrade by Binance Leads to Temporary Suspension of Deposits on Specific Networks

Binance, a top cryptocurrency exchange, has made an announcement regarding the suspension of deposits and withdrawals for certain tokens. The reason behind this decision is to ensure the best user experience and to support the upcoming Ethereum network upgrade and Hard Fork.

As of approximately March 13, 2024, at 16:25, Binance will temporarily halt deposits and withdrawals for tokens such as Ethereum (ETH), Arbitrum (ARB), Optimism (OP), zkSync Era, Base Protocol (BASE), Manta Network (MANTA), and Starknet. Other associated networks like (STRK) and Polygon (MATIC) will also be affected by the suspension.

The scheduled network upgrade and Hard Fork are set to take place on approximately March 13, 2024, at 16:55. However, trading activities for the affected tokens will continue as usual on Binance’s platform.

Binance reassures its users that all necessary technical requirements will be met during this period to ensure a smooth transition for everyone involved. Once the upgraded network stabilizes, deposits and withdrawals for the affected tokens will resume without any further announcement.

It is important to note that this information is not investment advice.