Supporting Startups Through Every Stage: Build@Banc’s Services for Seed Investment to IPO

Banc of California Unveils Build@Banc Service for Startups

Banc of California, a subsidiary of Banc of California Inc. (NYSE: BANC), has introduced Build@Banc, a specialized service tailored to meet the banking needs of seed and early-stage innovative startups. The Build@Banc team aims to assist founders in selecting the right banking solutions by offering personalized guidance and access to a network of established investors and advisers.

Sean Lynden, President of the Venture Banking Group at Banc of California, emphasized the bank’s commitment to supporting companies throughout their entire growth journey. “We want companies to start with us, stay with us and grow with us — from inception to IPO and beyond,” Lynden stated. “As a reliable and dedicated partner, we can provide high-touch banking solutions to help founders scale their companies.”

With a focus on providing tech-forward banking solutions, Banc of California offers a range of products and services designed to simplify banking for entrepreneurs. In addition to traditional offerings like deposit accounts, loans, and lines of credit, the bank also provides cutting-edge payment processing solutions through Deepstack Technologies. Its digital banking platform includes features such as mobile wallets, virtual cards, and a perks program to deliver convenience and flexibility to customers.

Headquartered in Los Angeles, Banc of California is the third-largest bank by assets in California and has established itself as a leading business bank with a strong emphasis on building relationships. Since 2005, the bank has been actively supporting the innovation economy and venture-backed companies. Through its Venture Banking Group, Banc of California offers a wide range of financial solutions, including venture debt, treasury services, and cash management, to entrepreneurs and their investors nationwide.