The Nuragic Wave – Updates

Museo Nivola is thrilled to present a new exhibition titled “The Nuragic Wave: Art, Design and Crafts through the test of Prehistory” at Padiglione Tavolara in Sassari. Curated by Giuliana Altea, Antonella Camarda, and Luca Cheri, this exhibition delves into the influence of the Nuragic and Prenuragic civilizations on twentieth-century and contemporary art and culture in Sardinia.

“The Nuragic Wave” explores how the Nuragic discourse has impacted various areas of visual production, from painting and sculpture to architecture, design, craftsmanship, audiovisual media, and even social media. The exhibition traces back to the late nineteenth century and early twentieth century excavations that brought attention to Sardinian prehistory, leading to a rediscovery of the region’s rich cultural heritage.

In the 1950s, Sardinian artists and intellectuals found inspiration in the Nuragic civilization, shaping a unique iconographic trend that continued to evolve through the postmodern and contemporary eras. Tourism, new age cultures, global movements, and scholarly attention have all influenced the evolution of this theme, creating a blend of past and present in Sardinian art and culture.

The exhibition showcases how artists like Costantino Nivola, Maria Lai, and Mauro Manca drew on forms and iconographies of Sardinian prehistory, influencing not only other artists but also architects like Le Corbusier and Franco Albini. The Nuragic and Prenuragic repertoire became a popular reference for tourist objects in the mid-1960s, evolving into various interpretations of ancient motifs.

In the 1980s, interest in the Nuragic world took a more maximalist approach, leading to unique expressions like Aldo Rossi’s distorted warrior figures in carpets made by Zeddiani weavers. Today, there is a trend towards both simplification and a return to historical sources, with contemporary designs inspired by the island’s remote past.

The influence of the Nuragic and Prenuragic civilizations can still be seen in the cultural debate, scientific research, and artistic creations in Sardinia. Whether in novels, video games, advertising, or street art, the presence of Nuragic people continues to inspire and fascinate, showcasing the enduring legacy of Sardinia’s ancient past.