Uncovering Secrets: The Mastery of Samuel Adoquei in Fine Art

Renowned artist Samuel Adoquei’s works are currently on display at the Long Island Museum in New York until June 2, 2024. This exhibition marks the first museum retrospective of Adoquei, a Ghanaian-born painter based in New York.

The artist, born in 1960, is well-known for his major portraits and historical paintings characterized by ambition, provocation, and technical mastery. Adoquei has been commissioned to create portraits of prominent public figures like Stacey Abrams and has also painted landscape scenes in various locations, including Shelter Island, East Hampton, and the Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory campus.

Joshua Ruff, Co-Executive Director of the Long Island Museum, expressed gratitude for Adoquei’s versatile and gifted artwork, praising his ability to capture the spirit of his subjects through meticulous portraiture and site-specific landscapes.

The exhibition, titled “Finding Hidden Treasures,” showcases nearly 30 works by Adoquei, including the significant triptych “The Legacy and Burial of Martin Luther King,” a 10-foot-wide painting that has been featured in the New York Times and exhibited at prestigious institutions like the Smithsonian in Washington, DC. Don’t miss the opportunity to view these captivating pieces until June 2, 2024, at the History Museum.