‘VyStar Credit Union Chooses NCR Atleos Allpoint ATM Network to Aid Expansion’

NCR Atleos Corporation (NYSE: NATL), a leader in expanding financial access for financial institutions, retailers, and consumers, recently announced that VyStar Credit Union has chosen Atleos’ Allpoint ATM Network to broaden surcharge-free access to cash for its members at trusted locations nationwide, further supporting its growth.

VyStar Credit Union, based in Jacksonville, Florida, with .6 billion in assets, is expanding its reach across the Southeast and required strategic physical infrastructure to accommodate its growing member base. By joining the Allpoint Network, which is the world’s largest independently owned retail ATM network, VyStar members can now easily access and deposit cash at convenient locations where they live, shop, and travel.

Lauren Morrison, VyStar VP of Card Product and Services, emphasized the benefits of this partnership, stating that the Allpoint network provides access to over 40,000 ATMs surcharge-free for VyStar members across the country at no additional cost. This expanded network, with over 10,000 international locations, enhances the credit union’s ability to offer more value to both new and existing members.

Diego Navarrete, Executive Vice President of Global Sales for Atleos, highlighted how the Allpoint network supports VyStar’s growth trajectory by efficiently expanding member access to cash. This collaboration with Atleos will empower VyStar members with convenient cash deposit and withdrawal capabilities while strengthening the credit union’s brand presence in communities throughout the Southeast region.

About Atleos

Atleos (NYSE: NATL) specializes in expanding financial access by facilitating transactions through the self-service channel, allowing financial institutions and retailers to leverage its ATM network, the largest independently-owned network globally. With a focus on digital-first technology and top-notch global services, Atleos optimizes branches, enhances operational efficiency, and maximizes self-service availability. The company is headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, and boasts a global team of 20,000 employees.

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