What is NOFA-NY?

NOFA-NY is an organization of farmers, gardeners and consumers working together to create a sustainable regional food system that’s ecologically sound and economically viable.

Through demonstration and education, we promote land stewardship, organic food production and local marketing. We bring consumers and farmers together to make high-quality food available to all people.

Since 1983, NOFA-NY has been serving the organic and sustainable food and farming community. A year later, we became the first organic certifier in New York.

With the arrival of national organic standards in 2002, NOFA-NY established separate certification and education functions and offices while maintaining a cohesive strategy to support the organic farming community.

Today, we are New York’s leading organization in providing effective programs and services that promote sustainable, local, organic food and farming.

NOFA-NY is a nonprofit organization governed by a majority farmer volunteer board of directors. NOFA-NY is one of seven northeastern state organizations that work together under the umbrella of the Northeast Organic Farming Association — the oldest grassroots organic farming organization in the country.

NOFA-NY engages in policy work to advocate for sustainable, local, organic food and farm systems. Each year, NOFA-NY members vote on policy resolutions that guide the work of our organization.

Policy resolutions are drafted and formally approved by the member-based policy committee and board of directors in the fall. The approved resolutions are then sent to our membership and voted on at our annual meeting.

Policy team members travel to Washington, D.C., and Albany to promote these resolutions with lawmakers at both the state and federal levels. They also invite local representatives to field days and functions that NOFA-NY runs to keep the concerns and needs of our farmers real and on the minds of elected officials.

In addition to organic certification and advocacy, NOFA-NY runs educational programming that supports farmers:

• NOFA-NY is a core partner in the Transition to Organic Partnership Program, which is a USDA National Organic Program network assembled to support transitioning and organic farmers with mentorship and resources. This program is allowing us to expand the number of technical assistance and community building events we host throughout the state to promote the use of organic farming practices.

It is also allowing us to pair transitioning farmers with organic mentors to guide them as they transition their farming operations.

• NOFA-NY is a partner in the Climate-Smart Farming and Marketing initiative, which provides financial and technical support for resilient farming practices. Through this program, we work directly with farmers to implement practices that will help their farms to become more climate resilient.

• Our education team has a farmer helpline that allows farmers to call in with questions about anything from certification paperwork to production and pest issues.

• Our Farm Share Program helps provide low-cost CSA shares to families that need them. We work with CSA farmers and source grant funding to help pay for the shares so that farmers are paid for the food they produce and an increased number of local consumers can access top-quality local food.

• On our website, e-news and social media channels, NOFA-NY shares resources regarding grants, educational opportunities, soil health, business and marketing, and production for all types of farmers.

More information about our organization and programming can be found at nofany.org.