When to Look Up for the ‘Pink Moon’ in Kansas City this Week

This week, Kansas City residents will have the opportunity to witness a unique celestial event – the pink moon. Although the moon won’t actually appear pink, it is named after the wildflowers that bloom in April, particularly the “moss pink” flower. The full moon is set to reach its peak at 6:48 p.m. on Tuesday evening, amidst partly sunny weather in the area.

Following the pink moon, stargazers can look forward to the Eta Aquarid meteor shower in early May, with the shower expected to peak on the night of Saturday, May 4. For those who miss the pink moon, there are eight more chances to see a full moon in 2024, including the Flower moon in May, the Strawberry moon in June, and the Buck moon in July.

So, keep your eyes on the sky this week to catch a glimpse of the pink moon, and mark your calendars for the upcoming meteor shower and other full moons throughout the year.