Why Kim Kardashian Chose to Skip the Met Gala 2024 After Parties

Kim Kardashian skipped the 2024 Met Gala after parties for a different event. Following her appearance at the Gala, the reality TV star flew to Hamburg, Germany to attend the 2024 OMR Festival. She was scheduled to be a guest speaker at the event, which focuses on digital business and offers networking opportunities for professionals in the industry.

Kim shared that it was a refreshing change to not attend the after parties and instead focus on the OMR Festival. She expressed her excitement about the Met Gala, mentioning how it is an event she has always aspired to be invited to and how it has led to valuable connections and collaborations for her.

Other entrepreneurs at the festival included Rick Rubin, Kara Swisher, and Tim Ferriss. Kim talked about her journey from the Gala to the festival stage, emphasizing her interest in fashion, beauty, and making meaningful connections in the industry. She highlighted the importance of networking and the potential for business opportunities that events like the Met Gala can offer.

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