Why NYC residents should consider booking an Airbnb outside the city in April

A rare solar eclipse is set to grace the skies of New York on April 8, offering up to 268 seconds of cosmic darkness. This event, not to be seen in the area again for over 50 years, has already sparked a surge in interest among people planning to witness it.

Cities like Rochester, Buffalo, and Syracuse are in the path of totality, making them popular destinations for eclipse enthusiasts. New York has been named one of the most booked states across North America for that time frame, with a significant increase in searches for accommodations over the eclipse weekend in April.

For the best viewing experience, experts recommend heading outside the city to areas that will ensure a clearer view of the celestial event. Airbnb reports that there are still a variety of listings available in New York, with Buffalo, Rochester, and Syracuse offering different options for accommodation.

While New York City itself will not experience totality, Governor Kathy Hochul’s office has confirmed that citizens will still witness around 89% coverage of the eclipse. This means that even city dwellers will be able to partake in the memorable event.

Several events and activities are planned across the state to celebrate the occasion. In Manhattan, One World Observatory is hosting a special event called “Total Solar Eclipse from the Top,” offering exclusive viewing access and solar eclipse glasses. Syracuse and Rochester are also gearing up for eclipse-related events, with science museums and centers planning activities for visitors.

With so much excitement surrounding the upcoming solar eclipse, it’s important to plan ahead and make the most of this rare celestial occurrence.