Enhancing business agility through global employee experience transformation

Inter IKEA Group, the franchiser of 460 IKEA stores in 62 global markets, is leveraging modern Human Capital Management (HCM) technology to optimize customer experience and ensure business growth. Partnering with Workday, Inc., a leading provider of enterprise cloud applications for finance and human resources, Inter IKEA has been transforming its employee experience for over five years.

With a focus on affordability and sustainability, Inter IKEA is dedicated to providing an omnichannel experience for customers. Through the use of digital technology, the company has been able to develop new product designs, store formats, and distribution methods to enhance accessibility for customers worldwide.

Improving customer experience is a top priority for Inter IKEA, who recognizes the importance of hiring and retaining skilled employees. The company is committed to offering clear career paths and personal growth opportunities to foster a lifelong learning mindset among its workforce. By investing in employee training and development, Inter IKEA aims to equip its employees with the skills and competencies needed to succeed in the future.

Amela Delic, digital transformation manager at Inter IKEA, emphasizes the significance of employee experience in the company’s success. By leveraging Workday HCM’s real-time insights, Inter IKEA can optimize its employee experience and build a future-proof organization.

Utilizing machine learning technology, Inter IKEA is implementing a competency-based workforce strategy to align talent with opportunities and address skills gaps. Richard Doherty, Senior Director Product Marketing EMEA at Workday, highlights the importance of investing in employee engagement to drive business success, citing Gallup research on workplace engagement.

By prioritizing employee experience and leveraging modern technology, Inter IKEA is positioning itself for sustainable growth and success in the competitive retail market.