‘Exciting addition to the La Feria de las Fresas 2024 lineup – when will The Warning play?’

The Mexican rock band, The Warning, has joined the lineup of artists performing at the upcoming festival. The band, consisting of Paulina, Daniela, and Alejandra, has garnered attention for their talent despite their young ages, with achievements like touring with Muse in various countries.

The band’s performance at the Strawberry Fair will be free, but attendees must have a ticket to control the crowd and ensure everyone’s safety. Tickets can be obtained through the Boletiland digital platform, but registration and confirmation of Mexican nationality are required. Unfortunately, tickets are currently sold out, and it’s uncertain if more will be available in the future.

For those who miss their performance at the fair, The Warning will also be playing at Vive Latino in Mexico City on Sunday, March 17. Don’t miss the chance to witness the talent of this young rock band on stage.