‘Exciting plans revealed for redevelopment of Cork Harbour’

Fáilte Ireland, the Irish tourism agency, has unveiled ambitious plans to transform Cork Harbour into a top-tier tourist destination. Collaborating with Cork City Council, Cork County Council, and the Port of Cork, the initiative aims to elevate Cork’s tourism offerings and highlight its maritime heritage.

The redevelopment plan focuses on enhancing accessibility, visitor facilities, and overall visitor experience at Cork Harbour. It includes strategies to improve public transportation, promote sustainable travel options, and distribute visitors more evenly throughout the area. This project aligns with Fáilte Ireland’s five-year plan to develop Cork City, Harbour, and East Cork into premier tourist hotspots.

Despite being the largest natural harbor in the Northern Hemisphere, Cork Harbour is currently underutilized according to Fáilte Ireland. The agency sees potential in attracting more visitors by showcasing the unique Cork Harbour Islands and capitalizing on existing greenways, blueways, and transportation links.

Brian O’Flynn, Head of Ireland’s Ancient East at Fáilte Ireland, believes that this plan can unlock the significant potential of Cork Harbour. By enhancing the tourism offerings in the area, Fáilte Ireland hopes to extend visitors’ stays and boost the local economy.

Mayor Frank O’Flynn of County Cork underscores the immense beauty and untapped potential of Cork Harbour. He emphasizes the plan’s goal of positioning Cork Harbour as a premier destination within Ireland’s Ancient East, ultimately leading to economic benefits for the region.

With a collective effort from Fáilte Ireland, Cork City and County Councils, and the Port of Cork, the redevelopment of Cork Harbour aims to elevate the area’s status as a must-visit destination, drawing in more visitors and boosting economic growth in East Cork.