‘Join in for Free Access to Max with Nubank; Find Out How to Get Involved’

Nubank Customers Get Free Access to Max Entertainment Benefit

Nubank, the fourth largest bank in Brazil, is offering a new entertainment benefit to its customers. Users with a Nubank Ultraviolet card can now enjoy free access to Max, the former HBO Max streaming service, without any additional cost.

The Nubank Ultraviolet card represents the highest level of relationship with the bank and comes with various perks, including cash back on purchases. Customers in this segment can now activate Max by following a simple procedure within the Nubank app.

To activate Max, users need to first become a Nubank Ultraviolet customer, as they are selected based on their credit/debit card usage pattern. Once confirmed, they can access the Benefits of UV Rays section in the app and activate Max under the UV Benefits section.

It is important to note that the free access to Max includes the basic plan, which usually costs R.90 per month. This plan allows users to watch high-quality series and movies on two screens simultaneously in Full HD content.

Overall, Nubank continues to expand its range of services and benefits for its customers, making it a popular choice among banking options in Brazil.