‘Renaissance-themed festival celebrating Shakespeare by COLA’

The College of Liberal Arts is gearing up for the annual Shakespeare Festival on Wednesday, April 24, from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. in the George T. Madison courtyard. This year’s festival theme, part of the week-long “Hootenanny” celebration, is based on the Eras Tour, drawing inspiration from popular culture.

Supported by Sigma Tau Delta International English Honor Society and Louisiana Tech’s School of Literature and Language, the event promises to be a cultural highlight. According to Dean Karl Puljak, the festival brings together faculty, students, musicians, actors, and more to create an enlightening and entertaining experience in the GTM Courtyard.

Shakespeare’s enduring works and multifaceted talents make him the perfect focus for such a diverse festival. Assistant Professor of English, Benjamin Bergholtz, notes Shakespeare’s influence in theater, literature, languages, and music, which are all incorporated into the festival activities.

The choice of Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour as the theme adds a contemporary and relevant twist to the event. Swift’s music often references Shakespearean themes, making her work a fitting complement to the festivities. Activities at the festival include a dueling theater experience, trivia, a puppet show, a keynote speaker, and more, offering opportunities to win prizes.

All students, faculty, and staff, regardless of their fandom for Taylor Swift or Shakespeare, are encouraged to attend and enjoy the festivities. So mark your calendars, grab some popcorn, and join in the fun at the Shakespeare Festival.