Martha Stewart’s latest outdoor furniture collection: What inspired it?

With warmer weather approaching, Martha Stewart is collaborating with Polywood to introduce a new outdoor furniture collection called Acadia. Inspired by the natural beauty of Maine, where Stewart’s estate is located, the collection features Craftsman-style designs made from sustainable materials.

Stewart described the Acadia Collection as a nod to the traditional Craftsman furniture found in her Maine home, offering timeless elegance and durability. The pieces draw inspiration from Stewart’s Skylands estate, showcasing strong vertical lines and a sense of grandeur.

The Acadia Collection includes a variety of outdoor furniture pieces in earth-toned hues, such as dining sets, lounge sofa sets, and chaise lounges. The collection is backed by Polywood’s 20-year warranty, ensuring long-lasting quality.

Polywood founder and CEO, Doug Rassi, emphasized the collaboration’s focus on American craftsmanship and durability. The furniture is designed to withstand all four seasons, making it ideal for New England’s climate.

True to Polywood’s commitment to sustainability, all products are made in the U.S. from recycled plastics in waste-free facilities. Stewart’s partnership with Polywood reflects her passion for beautiful, functional designs and supports American-made quality.

In addition to her collaboration with Polywood, Stewart is known for her multi-channel lifestyle company and Emmy Award-winning television show. Her influence reaches millions of fans through various platforms, showcasing her expertise in home and lifestyle products.