New Version of Browser Available: 124.0.2478.97

Microsoft has recently unveiled the new Microsoft Edge, a browser rebuilt from the ground up to provide users with a world-class browsing experience. This revamped version promises top-notch compatibility and performance, enhanced security and privacy features, and new tools to optimize your web surfing.

Available not only on Windows but also on iOS and Android devices, Microsoft Edge offers a seamless cross-platform experience. Leveraging the same technology as Chrome, Edge comes equipped with unique features like Startup boost and Sleeping tabs to elevate your browsing speed and performance, specifically designed to integrate seamlessly with Windows.

In terms of security and privacy, Microsoft Edge boasts a range of protective tools such as Microsoft Defender SmartScreen, Password Monitor, InPrivate search, and Kids Mode. These features aim to safeguard users and their loved ones online, ensuring a secure and protected browsing experience for all. By enabling content filters and leveraging activity reports within the Microsoft Family Safety account, families can benefit from a kid-friendly web environment through the specialized Kids Mode.

Furthermore, users can now personalize their browsing experience by adding their favorite extensions to the new Microsoft Edge. This update also includes fixes for security vulnerabilities, like the recently reported CVE-2024-4671, ensuring a safe and secure browsing session for all users.

To download the latest version of Microsoft Edge, users can choose between the 64-bit or 32-bit versions available for free. For more information or to explore the release history of Microsoft Edge, visit the official website.

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