“QCash Financial Collaborates with TruStage for Payment Guard Insurance”

In a promising collaboration between TruStage and QCash Financial, Payment Guard Insurance is now available to credit union clients, aiming to provide portfolio coverage to potentially prevent loans from defaulting due to covered job losses.

CEO of QCash Financial, Seth Brickman, expressed his gratitude for the partnership, noting that the tailored Payment Guard Insurance solution offers increased peace of mind to credit union clients and their members.

The significance of lending insurance in the consumer credit space cannot be understated, especially as loans transition to digital platforms. TruStage’s digital lending insurance solution, Payment Guard, seamlessly integrates into the loan process, offering an additional layer of protection for borrowers and lenders. With TruStage already safeguarding over 5 million in loan portfolios, the focus is now on digital lenders and fintechs, as well as their lending capacity providers.

Director of Product Management, Danielle Sesko, emphasized the shared vision of enhancing financial well-being for both borrowers and lenders. Through the partnership with QCash, TruStage aims to cultivate trust and resilience in lending transactions.

To learn more about the TruStage offering at QCash, visit the link provided. For inquiries about the offering, click here.

QCash Financial, LLC, is a mission-driven fintech firm focused on empowering financial institutions to improve the financial well-being of their communities by offering quick loans to members without the need for a credit score assessment. The company is a wholly owned credit union service organization of Alloya Corporate Federal Credit Union.

TruStageTM is a reputable insurance, investment, and technology provider with a commitment to aiding individuals in making sound financial decisions at every life stage. With a dedication to creating a more equitable society and financial system, TruStage is actively involved in community outreach efforts to enhance the lives of those they serve.

TruStageTM Payment Guard Insurance is backed by CUMIS Specialty Insurance Company, Inc., offering coverages that may not be available in the traditional market. Product availability varies by state, with certain eligibility requirements and exclusions in place. The insurance is not a deposit, federally insured, or guaranteed by any financial institution.

For more information on TruStage and its offerings, visit their website.