Benefits of Same-Day Delivery for Retailers

In a recent survey conducted by logistics management platform Roadie, retailers are discovering the positive impact of offering same-day delivery services despite the increased operational costs associated with it.

According to the survey, one-third of retailers saw revenues increase by more than 10 percent after implementing same-day delivery, with 70 percent reporting an overall sales increase. Additionally, 80 percent experienced higher customer satisfaction rates and 66 percent noted increased customer retention.

While 79 percent of retailers reported a rise in operational costs due to same-day delivery services, the benefits in terms of revenue and customer loyalty seem to outweigh the initial expenses.

Marc Gorlin, Founder and CEO of Roadie, emphasized the importance of offering same-day delivery as not just a competitive advantage for retailers, but also as a profitable opportunity. He stated, “To compete effectively, retailers must provide a range of delivery options to meet customer needs. The potential payoff is evident – same-day delivery serves as a revenue-generating channel supported by data.”

Overall, the survey suggests that same-day delivery can significantly impact a retailer’s bottom line and enhance customer satisfaction and retention rates. By embracing this trend, retailers can stay competitive in today’s evolving market landscape.