‘Revolut Rolls Out New Feature Ramp’

Revoult, a major fintech company, has recently partnered with the non-custodial cryptocurrency wallet MetaMask to introduce a new feature called Revolut Ramp. This feature will be accessible through the MetaMask app, wallet browser extension, and Portfolio platform, allowing users to access up to 20 different cryptocurrencies including Ethereum (ETH), Shiba Inu (SHIB), and the stablecoin USD Coin (USDC).

Users will have the option to purchase these digital assets from their fiat account using Visa or Mastercard, with a small fee attached to the transaction. The fee details will be transparently displayed to users before they confirm their purchase. At the moment, the Revolut Ramp feature is only available in the UK and the European Economic Area.

Lorenzo Santos, Senior Product Manager at Consensys, the company behind MetaMask, stated that the goal of this partnership is to provide users with more autonomy and control over their cryptocurrencies. MetaMask has previously collaborated with the American broker Robinhood, enabling clients to directly purchase digital assets through their wallet.

This partnership between Revolut and MetaMask demonstrates a growing trend towards integrating traditional financial services with the cryptocurrency market, offering users more options and accessibility to a diverse range of digital assets.